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Tips for Optimizing Your Cannabis Bucking Process

Tips for Optimizing Your Cannabis Bucking Process

Do you feel your cannabis harvesting and bucking methods aren’t as effective or efficient as they can be? We have a few simple tips to help you fully optimize your cannabis bucking process for maximum output and efficiency.

Prepare the Plant Thoroughly

The best way to improve efficiency in cannabis bucking—and any other process—is with more thorough preparation. Before beginning the bucking process, you must prepare the plants and branches, but harvesters often rush this part or aren’t as comprehensive as they should be.

Preparing the plants for bucking includes cutting the central stalk, separating the branches, and making clean and precise cuts. It may add a little more time to the preparation process, but the dividends of a smoother bucking process are worth it.

Organize the Cannabis Totes

Another aspect of preparation buckers shouldn’t overlook is the organization of the totes or containers for the stalks and plants you’ll feed into the machine. After cutting and preparing the plants, arranging them orderly in their containers—all facing the same direction—is a simple but effective tip for optimizing the cannabis bucking process.

Feed the Machine Properly

The operation of the machine and proper feeding of the stalks into the cannabis bucker is critical to a smooth and efficient process. Ideally, a stem or branch gets fed into the smallest hole it can fit without damaging the buds.

If you feed a stalk into too large a hole, buds can get caught in the opening and “mushroom.” Consider dedicating more time to training and demonstrations to ensure everyone knows the best practices for bucking.

Utilize Multiple Operators

If you haven’t already, don’t forget that you can double your speed and productivity by adding another operator to the bucking machine! With operators at both sides of a bucker, you can cut down on time without sacrificing quality.

Pro Tip

Have the operators switch posts and sides hourly to prevent them from falling too much into careless repetition and keep their attention sharp.

Don’t Compromise on Equipment

As efficient and meticulous as your bucking process may be, it doesn’t help much if your equipment is subpar and constantly needs maintenance and repairs. It’s common for those new at cannabis harvesting to invest in less expensive, lower-quality equipment to save money.

While it may seem like a discount at first to get a cheap cannabis bucker, it could lead to substantial delays and interruptions in the bucking process. Do your research and invest in quality equipment for better efficiency and long-term value.