Tips for Improving Bud Harvesting Efficiency

Tips for Improving Bud Harvesting Efficiency

Harvesting is the most exhilarating but also anxious time for cannabis growers, resulting from weeks and months of careful growth and care. Efficiency is crucial to getting a quality crop yield, so we’ve put together some simple tips for cannabis growers to improve their bud harvesting efficiency.

Plan Thoroughly

It may seem obvious to have a plan for harvesting cannabis. Still, it’s surprising how many cannabis cultivators jump into growing cannabis with both feet and without a sensible plan for extenuating circumstances. If you want to maximize your crop yield’s potential, you need a harvesting plan, and backup plans should events arise that force you to adjust.

For outdoor growers, what’s your plan if you need to harvest during a brutal heatwave or a heavy rainstorm that threatens the buds? Indoor growers should also have a plan for seedlings to start another crop immediately after harvest. This planning is essential for those who need to squeeze as many crop cycles into their schedule as possible.

Invest in Automated Equipment

The most effective tip for improving bud harvesting efficiency and maximizing your operation’s potential is to invest in automated equipment. Automated cannabis harvest equipment offers many advantages to growers as it allows them to reduce their overhead costs on labor while harvesting and trimming faster and more efficiently than ever.

Automated equipment requires a more significant initial investment, but the long-term value is evident as it makes harvesting more consistent, efficient, and secure than harvesting and trimming by hand. If you’re ready to switch to automated equipment, EZ Trim can help you get the tools you need for your operation.

Keep Testing Crops

Cannabis testing is one of the most underrated parts of cultivating cannabis and is crucial to an efficient harvest. Cultivators should routinely test their crop, soil, and the environment to ensure that it grows on schedule and matures healthy and strong.

For one, cannabis testing will alert cultivators to the potency and maturity of their cannabis plants so they can better time their harvest. The more hemp growers test, the more they learn about their crops and soil to adjust for the next crop and produce an even better yield.

Pro Tip

If you don’t have cannabis testing equipment, plenty of cannabis testing labs will offer accurate and precise testing results for a small fee.

Don’t Get Overeager

Perhaps the most common harvesting mistake that new cannabis cultivators make is harvesting too early. It can be exciting, especially for the first time, when harvest time draws near, and often new growers will jump the gun—but harvesting before sufficient maturity can mean a less potent crop and reduced yield.

Cannabis will pack on much of its flower density in the final stages of its growth, so if it’s harvested too early, the cultivator will wind up with smaller buds and a less bountiful harvest. Examine the trichomes closely to determine the plant’s maturity—when the trichome hairs are mostly milky-white, that’s typically the best sign the hemp is ready for harvest.