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The Importance of Automation in Cannabis Harvesting

The Importance of Automation in Cannabis Harvesting

As the cannabis industry grows yearly, cannabis cultivators and operations become more developed and advanced. Automated machines are one of the growing trends in cannabis farms.

If you want to learn more about cannabis growers and the industry, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we detail the importance of automation in cannabis harvesting, including the time-efficiency and enhanced consistency.

More Time-Efficient

You don’t have to be an expert in cannabis cultivation or business operations to understand that one of the most important aspects of automation in cannabis harvesting is the time-efficiency. Automated equipment such as a cannabis leaf trimmer and other machines can do the work of a dozen laborers in a fraction of the time.

The less time spent harvesting, the quicker cannabis cultivators can begin wet trimming or curing their harvest—which means less time between harvesting and getting the product to the consumer. A more efficient crop yield means more money for cultivators and happier customers.

Saves Money

We all know the mantra in business that time is money—so it only stands to reason that as cannabis cultivators save time with automation, they also save money. Automation gets the cannabis yield to customers quicker—but it also cuts down on the labor a cannabis operation requires.

An automatic cannabis trimmer with a couple of operators can do the work of dozens of laborers in a fraction of the time with minimal effort. It may take more initial investment on the part of cultivators, but there’s no doubt about the inherent long-term value of reducing labor costs.

Improved Consistency

Another benefit of automation for cannabis growers is that it reduces human error and produces a more consistent product. As talented and dutiful as some laborers and harvesters may be, no person can match the consistent quality of an automated machine.

The consistency of automated cannabis equipment helps the grower build trust among their customers and ensures a good yield at every harvest. Plus, with so many compliance and industry regulations—producing a consistent product is essential in cannabis growing.

Better Security

Automated cannabis operation also offers growers another benefit—security. We all understand that cannabis is a lucrative business on top of being a popular drug, which makes security and theft an underlying problem for many growers.

A cannabis operation doesn’t have to worry about theft from machines—so automation makes for a safer and more secure harvesting operation. The fewer people around cannabis, the less tempted to take some for themselves.