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The Benefits of Handheld Cannabis Trimmers

The Benefits of Handheld Cannabis Trimmers

One of the most significant decisions a hemp grower must make is hiring workers to trim the cannabis by hand or implementing an automated trimming process. While both have their advantages, we’ll break down the benefits of handheld cannabis trimmers, from their long-term value to their efficiency.


While some hemp growers prefer taking their time trimming, large operations can’t afford to lose a moment during harvest. Commercial growers often choose electric handheld cannabis trimmers instead. As experienced and quick as some hand trimmers may be, they can’t compete with the speed and efficiency of an automated machine.

For many years, automated trimmers were fast but poor quality, forcing growers to choose between efficiency and quality. Handheld trimmers have advanced mightily in recent years and offer the same time-efficiency benefits without sacrificing trimming quality.

Long-Term Savings

Investing in an automated trimmer may be more expensive initially, but its long-term value is undeniable. Hemp growers can significantly reduce overhead costs with automated trimmers since they don’t need as many workers and don’t have to hire and train new employees constantly.

For large-scale operations, these overhead costs can significantly reduce profit margins—which is why many opt for automated trimming. Since automated cannabis trimmers work faster than people, they save time, and we all know time is money in business.

Pro Tip: Clean your equipment immediately after use to avoid cannabis buildup on the tools after trimming.

Consistent Quality

As experienced as some hand trimmers may be, there’s no replicating the consistent quality of an automated trimmer. At Easy Trim, our hand trimmers are made of high-quality materials and offer razor-sharp precision. They perform just as well on the first trim as the last.

Even the best hand trimmers can’t go all day without breaks and may make the occasional mistake due to fatigue. For commercial growers, consistency is critical to building a reputation and acquiring repeat customers—and nothing is more consistent than a machine trimmer.

More Secure Crops

Another benefit of handheld cannabis trimmers is it reduces the security risk for hemp growers. Unfortunately, the more people with access to cannabis products, the greater the risk of theft.

Of course, not every (or even most) cannabis trimmer is a thief, but the fewer people around the cannabis, the less temptation there is to steal. With an automated trimmer, there’s no worry about hiring new workers. You can trust them with the security of your product.