The Benefits of Automated Cannabis Sorting Machines

Automation is here, and it’s alright, alright, alright! If you’re looking to scale up your operation or simply streamline your current setup, a bud sorter is the thing you need. Shaving time off your process leads to more product available for your loyal customers (which means more cash in your pocket). Read on to learn the benefits of automated cannabis sorting machines.

The Benefits of Automated Cannabis Sorting Machines

Reduced Labor

As with any automated product, you don’t need as much labor to get the job done. That means you can reassign your employees to places that need more hands! All the bud sorter requires is one person to act as a quality control specialist—and if we’re honest, they probably won’t have much to do!

Greater Consistency

Categorizing the different sizes of your buds is a time-consuming process for your workers, and it’s one where things are sure to fall through the cracks. Sometimes, a large bud gets sorted in the same pile as a medium, and other times, popcorn and shake are mixed together. That’s not an issue with a bud sorter—with specially designed sorting grates, your product will be thoroughly consistent.

Less Waste

Even the tiny shake and popcorn buds are usable! When employees handle them, it’s easy for some to go to waste. When they’re on the bud sorter, however, you can rest assured that each will get to its intended destination.

Faster Harvesting

You know better than anyone that slow processing times can gum up the works, leading to backups in harvesting. When that happens, your buds may suffer from high or low humidity that you could have avoided if they were harvested sooner. A bud sorter allows your team to get buds off the plants and into customers’ hands quickly.

Reduced Damage

Our high-quality bud-sorting machine handles your product delicately, reducing the chances of damaging the buds.

Now that you know the benefits of automated cannabis sorting machines, reach out to us with any questions you have—we’re happy to help!