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Product Overview

The EZ Trim Trifecta System features the three critical components of our proven process: the Bud Bucker, Satellite Bud Trimmer, and Bud Sorter. As a result, it’s an all-encompassing system that maximizes the value of each piece of equipment.

Save half your harvesting time, using half the staff while maintaining the quality of your product.

We designed our equipment to solve a bottleneck in the cannabis and hemp harvesting workflow. Your team might be experiencing slowdowns in any of the main steps of harvesting and trimming. Our Trifecta System eliminates bottlenecks; each machine works harmoniously with the others.

Buy all three machines and get a $1000 discount!


Though we fully stand behind our products and will do everything within our power to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase, we still want you to have every option at your disposal.

That’s why EZ Trim offers a money-back guarantee on all our products. It’s an added layer of peace of mind that you won’t find elsewhere in this industry.

Refund Process

Money Back Guarantee Requirements:

1. Schedule a zoom call with an Ez Trim employee at the time of and prior to first use of the equipment.

2. On the zoom call, run a single batch (1 pound or less) of product through the equipment.

3. On the same day as the zoom call you must decide and notify your sales rep in writing if returning the equipment.

4. You must cover the cost of the return shipping and have proof of pick up from the shipping company within 72 hours from notifying Ez Trim.

5. The equipment must be inspected and arrive cleaned and undamaged.

6. Refunds will be issued via check mailed to the buyer.

Failure to follow any of  the above  requirements will void the money back guarantee.

If the product is returned dirty a 10% cleaning fee will be deducted from the refund amount. If the product is returned damaged a 25% fee wil be deducted from the refunded amount. If the product is returned damaged and dirty a 35% fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

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Consulting & Planning

We are growers that care about bud quality. We have been manufacturing the best Cannabis Bud Trimmer, Bud Bucker and Bud Sorter since 2010.

At Ez Trim we are committed to the success of everyone who purchases our equipment. Whether it be one product, a complete system of equipment, or multiple systems, we want to make sure that you know we’re available to you.

Explore the different levels of personalized guidance included at different purchasing tiers, whether it’s on site or over the phone.

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