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Quickly and gently separate your popcorn and trim from your buds.

Separating your trim and popcorn prior to touching up and packaging eliminates excess handling. Popcorn rarely needs to be touched up and trying to sift through and find your “A” grade buds when they are buried in the trim makes the touchup process time consuming.

How it Works

The Bud Shaker Box works by nesting the top 1/2″ container within the 1/4″ Slot container and then nesting the 1/4″ slot container within the non slotted container. After nesting the containers place your assorted buds and trim into the top container and shake the container side to side to facilitate the separation of the popcorn and trim from the larger buds.



Trifecta System

All of our equipment is meant to help solve a bottleneck in cannabis and hemp harvesting workflow.

Implementing the Bud Bucker, Bud Trimmer and Bud Sorter as a complete system maximizes the value of each individual piece of equipment.

Save half your harvesting time, using half the staff, while maintaining the quality of your product.


Weight: 5 lbs.

Ship weight: 10 lbs.

Assembled Dimensions: 21″L x 12″W x 10″H

Ship Dimensions: 32″L x 32″W x 48″H

Production (single operator): 1 plant / 30 Seconds

MSRP: $ 299.00


Materials Exposed to Plants:

Food Grade Polycarbonate

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Consulting & Planning

We are growers that care about bud quality. We have been manufacturing the best Cannabis Bud Trimmer, Bud Bucker and Bud Sorter since 2010.

At Ez Trim we are committed to the success of everyone who purchases our equipment. Whether it be one product, a complete system of equipment, or multiple systems, we want to make sure that you know we’re available to you.

Explore the different levels of personalized guidance included at different purchasing tiers, whether it’s on site or over the phone.

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