Product Description

The EZ Air is a fully adjustable and customizable sub canopy air flow system for multi-tier and single-tier grows.  The EZ Air enhances photosynthesis and greatly mitigates powdery mildew and botrytis pressure by injecting fresh, CO2 rich air directly into the underside of the canopy, flushing out the stagnant, moist air that surrounds the leaf.  

Multiple studies have shown that insufficient airflow limits photosynthesis by suppressing gas diffusion in the leaf boundary-layer (this is the area of still, moist air that surrounds the leaf).  With increasing airflow, the boundary area becomes thinner and more gas diffusion can take place through the stomata which is located on the underside of the leaf.  With more CO2 diffusion into the leaf, photosynthesis increases thus increasing yield.

The EZ Air can be configured for sub canopy and above canopy airflow as a single, double or quad run for each tier. The available mounting hardware provides for complete adjustability of the x, y and z axis of the fan creating greater flexibility for various planting densities while simultaneously allowing the airflow tube to remain in contact with the underside of the canopy as the plants increase in size. 

The Ez Air utilizes an 8” 735 CFM inline fan to pressurize a 6” polyethylene duct forcing air through ½” holes that are spaced every 6” at the ten and two position on the duct. This airflow can be measured at a rate of 4 meters per second at each hole and up to 2 meters per second when measuring the airflow 2 feet away from the duct.


A single Unit comes standard with 40′ of tubing |Perforated Air tubing can be ordered in spools of 20′, 40′, 100, 500′, 1000′


Ez Air


Materials Exposed to Plants:

Polypropolene tubing – 2mil

UL Certified Components

8″ Inline fan
On/Off Switch


120 VAC
1.6 Amps
205 Watts
735 CFM
2450 RPM


Weight: 11 lbs.
Ship weight: 14 lbs
Assembled Dimensions: 24″ x 24″ x 12″
Ship Dimensions: 16″ x 16″ x 24″

Note: Units comes with 40′ of tubing |Perforated Air tubing can be ordered in spools of 20′, 40′, 500′, 1000′
1/2″ hole perforations are at 10 and 2 with 6″ spacing and equate to 160 holes per 40′

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