Cannabis Machine Trimming Myths Debunked

Cannabis trimming machines are massive boons to growers worldwide, but many misconceptions prevent people from taking steps to improve their business. Trimming your plants by hand is time-consuming and costly, so read on to have common cannabis machine trimming myths debunked.

Maintenance Is a Time-Suck

Every machine needs routine maintenance, and bud trimmers are no different. However, many growers assume that the maintenance equates to days of downtime, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Light cleanings are easy, and people can complete them within an hour, while employees can complete deep cleans in an afternoon.

Machines Cost Too Much

Automating multiple points of the harvesting process can go a long way toward saving you vast amounts of money. Bud trimmers come with a significant price tag, but the investment will pay itself off in no time. Your harvesting process will speed up exponentially, and this can help you dedicate your workforce to the aspects of harvesting that are lagging.

Harvesting Machines Cut Jobs

When you use automated trimming machines, the truth is, you don’t need as many employees trimming. However, that doesn’t mean those workers are out of a job. Instead, look at automation as freeing up your employees to go where they’re needed. There’s always some part of the harvesting process that could use a face-lift—why not send the employees there?

You can also take the extra time to train your employees in new areas, making them more effective wherever you end up putting them.

Trichome Destruction

As with any technology, bud trimmers needed to walk before they could run. In the early days, trimmers would cut buds into conical shapes that all looked perfectly uniform—damaging trichomes. Today, bud trimmers are capable of achieving the appearance of hand-trimmed flowers, which keeps the trichomes intact.

Now that you’ve had these cannabis machine trimming myths debunked, save your business time and money and dedicate your workforce where they’re really needed.