Cannabis Harvesting Trends To Watch in 2022

The cannabis industry is booming. The pandemic proved that cannabis is a recession-proof commodity. If anything, sales increased during the height of the pandemic. So what’s in store for the second half of 2022? The field itself will continue to grow, but there are also cannabis harvesting trends to watch in 2022. Discover what changes people are making when it comes to growing their products.

Crop Steering

Many people might not know what crop steering is. The process has been around for decades, and it involves someone manipulating an environment to get a desired outcome. This means that harvesters can use technologies to achieve the certain elements they want—like humidity and CO2 levels. This trend will continue to grow throughout the rest of 2022 because it makes it easier for cultivators to get the products they want.

Water Conservation

Another cannabis harvesting trend to watch in 2022 is water conservation. Cultivating cannabis is a very resource-intensive process. Indoor and outdoor facilities use millions of gallons of water to produce their items every year. States, especially drought-ridden states, are trying to limit this water usage. More and more companies are utilizing energy-saving technologies and working with eco-friendlier organizations to develop more sustainable practices.

Research, Research, Research

Cannabis has only recently become a non-taboo topic. Therefore, people haven’t conducted that much research on the subject. Expect that to change in 2022. Scientists started releasing studies in 2021; yet, the numbers are set to increase this year. Individuals want to learn more about the best harvesting practices and the beneficial impacts of cannabis. The more we know about it, the more we can ease the worries of those who are uncertain.

There’s no other industry that has grown as substantially as the cannabis industry. States are legalizing marijuana, and most public opinions are proponents of the tide change. The way people harvest the crop itself is also rapidly changing. If you’re beginning to cultivate your own product, look at EZ Trim for everything you need. We have top-quality cannabis trimmers and budding machines to help you get started.