Consulting and Planning

Excellent cannabis cultivation is about more than heavy-duty equipment.

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Call Ryan, our lead harvesting consultant, at 720-505-1979. Phone consultations are FREE for all clients at all times.

The equipment comes with the process, not the other way around.

Your grow benefits considerably when you take the time to plan every step in the process. EZ Trim is here to help you clear a path to a hearty harvest, whether through a complimentary five-minute phone call or an on-site dissection of your entire process.

When you utilize a consultation with an EZ Trim harvesting expert, we’ll talk you through these important details and resources:

Taking things a step further, we’ll assist in hammering out your harvest game plan:

EZ Trim Needs Analysis

Free for all our clients, a needs analysis takes place over the phone. First, describe your current harvesting, drying, and processing methods, along with any pertinent statistics that might inform your needs. From there, our team will align with yours, finding the proper equipment that fits your budget and scale.

Initial consultations can range from a quick quote to an in-depth analysis of your operational needs.

A long time ago, we fell in love with the art of cultivation and harvesting—exchanging knowledge and imparting wisdom is what we do best! This initial consultation will give you the tools and the confidence needed to select the right equipment and partner for your harvest.

EZ Trim On-Site Consulting & Implementation

An on-site implementation involves a senior employee at EZ Trim traveling to your facility to analyze your harvest needs directly with you. Together, we will assess your current harvesting procedures from shuck to shelf.

During this visit, we will:

Implementations can last anywhere from one-to-six hours, depending on individual needs. As for a la carte pricing:

On-site Implementations are a great way to build a strong relationship between essential members of our respective teams. They also help to ensure success. We guarantee that our system will work every time, as long as it’s properly implemented.

EZ Trim Project Management

Harvest time can be overwhelming for many reasons, and there’s nothing worse than getting stuck in the weeds so close to realizing fruitful cultivation. We’ll keep you focused and on track with our Project Management services when you need a helping hand.

After close to 15 years of constructing harvesting systems from scratch and managing harvesting projects through completion, there’s no project too complicated for us to steer to the finish line.

Our Project Management services can be free or significantly discounted for our clients who purchase at least $100,000 worth of our products.

Let's get started. Call us at 720-505-1979. Phone consultations are FREE for all clients at all times.