Elite harvesting equipment, plus a process that eliminates touch up.

Ez Trim, Trimming is probably the worst part of your harvest day.?

Trimming is probably the worst part of your harvest day.

When done by hand, cannabis and hemp trimming processes are costly and time-consuming unless you’re a meticulous artist with time to spare and money to burn. On the other hand, utilizing high throughput machines is often too rough and tumble for the delicate flower, resulting in damaged buds and lost profits.

The EZ Trim Difference constitutes a unique approach in the cannabis industry: Equipment and processes built, developed, and refined by growers. You want trimming equipment and systems that enhance your business instead of adding to your frustrations.

EZ Trim equipment takes the nuances of hand-trimming and overlays it with the efficiency of machine trimming. The results are:

With EZ Trim, You Get A Trusted Partner

Rather than dropping heavy-duty equipment on your doorstep and saying, “good luck with that,” we work with you to ensure successful processes are implemented, and machines are calibrated for success. For us, it’s an ongoing relationship with the betterment of your business.

On-site training and consulting gives your team the power of knowledge. And with live support available seven days a week, you’ll always have a lifeline to our expert processes.

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