5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Debudder Machine

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Debudder Machine

Automated harvesting and trimming equipment are becoming more popular in cannabis-growing operations. If you’re interested in switching to automated machines, we offer plenty of reasons your business needs a debudder machine below.

Reduce Overhead Costs

With an automated debudder, hemp growers can reduce overhead costs by reducing their necessary labor force. Instead of paying five or more workers to buck the cannabis by hand with scissors, a debudder can do more work in a fraction of the time.

Just one person can operate a debudder, which means fewer workers on the payroll and more money that can go into other areas of the hemp-growing operation.

Increase Efficiency

The bucking phase of the harvesting and trimming operation is perhaps the biggest bottleneck in the process. All of the harvested cannabis gets dropped into one place where a handful of workers usually buck the hemp by hand—which can be time-consuming and tedious.

The automated debudder makes this process much more efficient as it only takes one person to operate and can prepare up to 150 lb. of cannabis per hour. Plus, our debudders have two sets of holes on either side for even better productivity.

Pro Tip

Automated debudders also have adjustable speeds so operators can adapt based on the hemp’s moisture content and branch structure.

Improve Consistency

Another benefit of swapping out hand labor for a debudder machine is that it improves the operation’s reliability. As experienced and consistent as some laborers may be at bucking hemp, no one can match the consistency of a machine.

Using a debudder is simple; operators stick the stem of the cannabis into one of the sized holes, and the machine does the rest. There’s little chance for mistakes, and the result is always well-bucked cannabis.

Enhance Security

Since an automated bucker helps reduce the laborers needed in a hemp operation, it also makes security less of a concern for growers. Of course, not every cannabis worker is looking to steal, but when dealing with a valuable product like hemp, it’s something growers have to always be on the lookout for.

With fewer people involved in the bucking process, hemp growers have less security exposure and can focus more of their time and energy on producing quality yields instead of security.

Long-Term Value

All these reasons your business needs a debudder machine come down to one benefit—the long-term value of a debudder. While an automated bucker may be a sizable initial investment for hemp growers, the value is undeniable when considering all its benefits and advantages.

If you want to invest in long-term savings and potential for your hemp-growing operation, there’s no better way to do it than with an automated debudder.