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Enhance your cannabis cultivation facility’s performance with refined processes and elevated equipment.



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Save half your harvesting time, using half the staff, while maintaining the quality of your product.

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Built by Growers Since 2010

With each new harvest, cannabis rewards its cultivators with a highly versatile and profitable product—a gift from the soil passed from you to consumers looking for a recreational break or medicinal assist.

As cultivators, you require processes and equipment that get you from plant to flower to bud to package efficiently and cost-effectively. And if you’re fresh in the industry, you also need guidance from those who have gotten their hands dirty in the fields and facilities.

EZ Trim Bud Trimming Equipment & Processes

Over the last decade-plus from our home base in Colorado, we’ve developed an efficient, cost-effective, sustainable cannabis and hemp harvesting process with the equipment to match.

We were built from the ground up by growers—industry pioneers working toward the advancement of tools and ideas that empower cultivation entrepreneurs.

EZ Trim Bud Trimming Equipment & Processes?

The Process

It all begins with the process. As cannabis cultivation consultants, we fully review your existing processes: Everything from de-fanning, cutting, weighing, and drying, to bucking, trimming, touching up, curing, and packaging.

Whether you prefer to trim wet or dry, have a large staff or small, you need products and services that can be tailored to complement your unique situation and current resources.

Our process includes:

On-Site Implementation

Project Management


The Equipment

The key to a successful and profitable harvest is to reduce the amount of touch up required before packaging. Our harvesting equipment and systems reduce the touch-up process from 70-80% down to 30-50%.

You’ll get access to a cost-effective line of trimming equipment that gently handles delicate buds, reducing lost profits and the amount of bud left on the facility floor. EZ Trim bud trimming equipment includes:

Used individually or in tandem, each piece of equipment expands your harvesting capabilities.

Ez Trim The Equipment

Your cultivation business deserves to grow as much as the cannabis industry has over the last decade. Connect with our team, and let’s harvest some success together!